Don't Get Yer Britches In A Wad... I'll Be Back

This is the home of Tron B. Burgundy ( Levi Ratliff ), one half of the dastardly duo know as Halftone Def Studios along with the super talented Grease E. Monkey ( Kendrick Kidd )!

It gets hard to keep up with all the projects we've been working on these days so if you want to find out what Grease and Myself have been up to lately, make sure you stop by HalftoneDef.com to see our latest Hand Screen Printed Posters, Apparel, Skateboards, Logos, and Packaging that Grease and I have been lucky enough to get our hands on.

When I come back, this is where you will find all the goodies that I've done as a part of Halftone Def and as a freelance illustrator myself along with some seriously opinonated blog posts on music, art, events, and pretty much anything else I feel like talking about dang it... casue it's my blog, haha. Tron's wisdom knows no boundaries, not even the internets. If you're really bored, go kill some time over at Jiffyfeet.com - Tron Burgundy.

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